$70 Rebate On Continental Tires, $75 Rebate on Brakes & $50 Wheel Alignment!

Wheel Alignment Specialist

Wheel Alignment

Top 10 Reasons For Alignment

  1. Before or just after you have new tires installed.
  2. You Notice uneven tire wear.
  3. Your steering wheel is off center.
  4. Your vehicle pulls to one side or the other.
  5. Strong drift to the left or right.
  6. Any unusual handling or vibration problem.
  7. Contact with curb or hitting large pot hole.
  8. Worn or bad ball joints, tie rods, shocks or struts which can also be Dangerous.
  9. Shaking steering wheel or wobble.
  10. Seasonal periodic safety check.

Alignment Happiness

Alignment Happiness

Wheel Alignments keeps your car going straight and improves your overall driving experience. Keeping your car aligned will also save you hundreds on unnecessary repairs.

State Of The Art Equipment

Alignment Machine

At CLT we only use the best equipment possible to insure you get a high quality Alignment on your 

vehicle every time.

Proper Alignment

Front Suspension

A Proper Alignment will keep your car riding smoothly and will certainly pay off in the long run.

Guarding Your Tire Investment

Uneven Worn Tire

Tires are obviously a large investment to your car and a Suspension Inspection along with a proper Alignment will prevent your new tires from abnormal wear. 

Supension & Steering

Front Suspension

For a proper Alignment Suspension & Steering components must be in good condition.

Alignment Horror

Broken Ball Joint

Its very important to check your suspension and steering components regularly. This is a broken Ball Joint which can leave stranded and can be a very costly repair. Come in for a

Free Inspection!

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